Something New

by okayart

Last weekend, I participated in a workshop though the Beverley Street Studio School here in Staunton, Va.  BSSS offers different sorts of art classes, model sessions, and art-related events.  One of the workshops offered this winter was a three-day course on vitreous enameling (basically melting colored glass on copper) with artist Janly Jaggard.

Below are the pieces that I made during that workshop.  I’d never worked in this medium before, and I quickly found it to be a nice combination of the intricate layering that goes on in reduction printing, and the freedom of painting.  Vitreous enamel is also unpredictable, so its a good medium for testing your ability to chill out and enjoy yourself no matter what.

"Empty Quarter"  Vitreous enamel on copper.  5" x 5"

“Empty Quarter” Vitreous enamel on copper. 5″ x 5″

"Siberian Tundra"  6" x 6".

“Siberian Tundra” 6″ x 6″.

These two pieces are inspired by satellite images of the Earth’s surface in “Planet Earth” by Robert Hughes.  They reflect the sort of “untamed” beauty of nature that is found in desolate places.  I’m also pleased by the way they resemble microscopic images; I did not plan that, but I’m embracing it because I’m fascinated by fractal geometry and the idea of similarity between the microscopic and the vast (learn more!  I also did a third piece inspired by the same book, but unfortunately, it is so dark that I’m having trouble photographing it.  However, I will have it up in another post as soon as I consult my photo guru sister, Molly.