Commute II

by okayart

In the spirit of the ceaseless commuting that is the vital sign–the life’s blood–of urban living, here is another commuter-themed linocut. (The first couple can be found here:  )

"Commute II." Linoleum block print, 6" x 12".  2014.

“Commute II.” Linoleum block print, 6″ x 12″. 2014.

I was very happy with this until I noticed that, like an idiot, I had partially forgotten to reckon with the mirroring effects of printmaking.  In this little city vignette (inspired by Packard’s Corner in Boston) everyone’s driving on the left, even though I remember to reverse all the letters on the signage.  I groaned aloud at myself when I noticed; here I was thinking I was advanced enough not to make these beginner’s mistakes.  Duly humbled.  Oh, well.  I suppose I could always argue that my recent readings on the British Empire have subconsciously made their way into my art.

Here it is again, in glorious color!

"Evening--Packard's Corner." Linoleum block print. 6" x 12".  2014

“Evening–Packard’s Corner.” Linoleum block print. 6″ x 12″. 2014

This is what happens when you try to make a multi-color print in red and purple and it doesn’t work out, so you have to run to the art store and buy some emergency gouache.  Actually, the end product is much better than what I had initially envisioned in only red and purple.  All’s well that end’s well!  I’ll have to try gouache on my linocuts more often.  I’ve gone ahead and named this one after Packard’s Corner, even though the mirroring has made it topographically incorrect.

Also, I’d like to take a moment and say that, as much as I malign the Green Line when amongst friends and commiserators, I really do appreciate the T.  The T has saved me from the probable death and certain mental breakdown that would have awaited me as a driver on the streets of Boston.