Summer Stars

"Summer Stars Fall to the Lawn." Linocut, 2" x 3", 2015.

“Summer Stars Fall to the Lawn.” Linocut, 2″ x 3″, 2015.

This is a grittier image than I usually make.  What I mean to say is that there’s a lot of noise going on, such as the texture of the grass smothering the letters, or the jumble of different elements floating in space, or simply the way the colors printed so that the yellows and greens bleed through each other and into the black like static.  I didn’t think I could do a small image about a summer night any other way, though, especially one that is meant to evoke all the sounds and smells of a country evening.  Hopefully, this attempt was successful at conveying that complexity.  I’m still not sure about it, myself.  Maybe this scene needs to be reimagined as a larger print, and polished up a little?