Commute III

by okayart

"Commute III." 3" x 5" Linoleum block print, 2015.

“Commute III.” 3″ x 5″ Linoleum block print, 2015.

The evening commute, vaguely based on the Boston B-line going up Commonwealth Ave. into the hills of Allston/Brighton. I live right before the hilly bit, but sometimes if I’m in an odd mood and want to sightsee I will intentionally miss my stop by a few stations, then walk back down the hill to my place, watching the cars and trains glide up and down the street—or crawl along, laying on the horn and spewing blue exhaust, as the case may be.

Again, this is one where, since I was drawing from memory (and for enjoyment), I neglected to mirror the image as I went, so everyone is driving on the left.  You can pretend it is London if you like!