Between Chelsea and Revere

by okayart

"Between Chelsea and Revere." Linocut and gouache, 4" x 6". 2015.

“Between Chelsea and Revere.” Linocut and gouache, 4″ x 6″. 2015.

This is an experiment in which I inked and pressed the block fairly lightly, to create a faded appearance, then went back over the print with black gouache to darken certain areas– the grass in the lower right, some of the water, the wall to the left, and the turbine.  This was to create a sense of distance and also a hazy atmosphere, evocative of the early mornings during which I see scenes like this from a train window, as I commute from Boston to my internship in Salem.

A word on wind turbines: I know many people hate living near them for a variety of reasons, but speaking only as an artist, I’ve always thought they were elegant. Essentially, turbines are streamlined windmills, producing electricity instead of flour.  Their form seems to me to speak to the times we live in, with so many people trying to rework work, essentially, creating new forms in the industrial landscape.  Some get excited by this, others resist it, some just accept it at face value.  There’s one point on the tracks between Chelsea and Revere where, from the train, you can see old, brick smokestacks, a web of power lines, and a wind turbine all in the same, flat, marshland view.  And in the distance, there are trees and houses in a spit of land between the industrial zone and the Atlantic. That’s the inspiration for this print.