City Hall, Boston

by okayart


“Boston City Hall.” Linocut. 4 x 6″ 2016.

Boston City Hall under the stars. I’m not sure what compelled me to depict the seat of our fair city’s government under a romantic night sky, other than a newfound interest in brutalist architecture after learning about the project #SOSBrutalism, which refers to these buildings as “our beloved concrete monsters.” I’ve never hated these buildings as many do, but I’ve never fully appreciated them, either, until recently. They lend themselves to linocut rather well. Maybe this will become a series?

In other news, thought I would once again share an image that allows you to learn a little able my process when I take the time to be careful about reversing the image.


Here, you can see my original (crumpled) sketch in the lower right. I sketch in ball point pen, because that forces me to be loose and keep going without stopping to erase every tiny problem. I photograph the sketch and use my laptop to mirror the image and draw one or two blue lines across it to help me keep my place while transferring. Then, I use pencil and sharpie to draw the reversed image on the pink linoleum block (lower left). Carving tools are near at hand here, but no carving has happened yet.