by okayart


“Apartments: January.” Oil on board. 2016.

I was too excited about posting my first oil painting in YEARS to wait for it to dry before photographing. Thus, there is a little bit of avoidable sheen in this image. Oh, well. The reason why I could paint in my apartment is because I found tiny (8 inch square) panels at Blick, which are less messy to prime and paint than canvas. Easier to paint on, too. I might never go back to canvas.

I started this painting as a generic view out my window a week or so ago, and was not pleased with the result. My art history friend Stacey said she thought it was a problem with the perspective, which was true. Perspective has never been my strong suit. There were also a dozen other reasons why it was awful. It was just a view out my window on a day with average light, and the colors were dull. So, using my imagination, I painted out the windows that were causing perspective issues, redid the bricks to look more like walls and less like a convention of independent bits of masonry each going its own direction, heightened all the contrasts, and threw in a pink sky for drama. Done.

If at first you don’t succeed… et cetera.