Boxed Away

by okayart

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Olivia J. Kiers. “Boxed Away.” 2016. Linocut. 6 x 12″

Graphically-speaking, this is inspired in part by the masterful sequence directed by Richard McGuire in the film Peur(s) du Noir, and in part by the woodcut L’argent, by my thesis favorite, Félix Vallotton. Look up both of these if you are curious; it is well worth your time.

The plot line is meant to be mysterious, just evocative of old-fashioned mystery novels where the clue is in the attic. But, I will say this–as an ex-graduate student, lifelong bookworm, avid letter-writer, former employee of a book publishing company and current employee of a magazine publishing company… who is also living in a small apartment, I have my fair share of books and stacks of “important” papers that live in cardboard boxes. What to do with it all?