Street Pianos Boston

by okayart


Play Me, I’m Yours street piano by Olivia J. Kiers

I haven’t posted much in a while because I haven’t been making little prints and paintings for a while… but I have been busy! The Celebrity Series of Boston is bringing back artist Luke Jerram’s art installation project, Play Me, I’m Yours, for a second year. They did it in 2013, when I first arrived in Boston. There was a piano at Boston University, and I loved seeing and hearing the students play it on my way to the library. When I heard several months back that there was a call for artists to transform pianos for the 2016 iteration of Play Me, I’m Yours, I applied immediately.


Front view

About 60 pianos are being decorated by Boston-area artists. The pianos will be out and about on the streets of the city (plus in Cambridge) for anyone to play in late September and October. Learn more and see the other talented artists’ work here.

For a little more info on mine: I decided to go with a simple color scheme. I think my printmaking is finally influencing the way I paint. The piano is actually less yellow than in the photos above (you can blame my camera and its inscrutable settings) and closer to the color in the image below. Butterflies, especially swallowtail butterflies, have always enchanted me; they remind me of summer, and of growing up in a rural area where all sorts of insects were abundant. Dragonflies and bees are also included because they’re fun to paint.


My signature on the side

Locations for each piano will be announced after Labor Day. I’ll photograph it in situ in late September. Stay tuned! (Pun intended.)