Lakeside Willow

by okayart


Olivia J. Kiers. “Lakeside Willow.” Linocut. 2016.

From my imagination, via taking lots of long walks around Brookline’s reservoirs this summer, and also wandering through graveyards looking at headstones. Why don’t people put urns and willows on headstones anymore? Or for that matter, skulls and crossbones? I don’t want anything saccharine or evading the facts marking my grave when I’m dead. Perhaps it’s because that kind of thing–you know, lambs and roses–has always made me feel ill at ease, whereas morbid symbols from other centuries tend to be very comforting and put me at peace.

For the record, this print is not about death; if anything I’ve been in a Walden Pond, “nature is profound!” kind of mood. I just felt like doing a 2-color block again, and the idea of a starry night over a lake appealed to me. The willow is there for compositional interest, helping to establish a solid foreground.

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