Summit Park

by okayart


Olivia J. Kiers. “Summit Park.” 2016. Oil on panel. 12 x 12″

Sunset in December, around 4:00-4:30 p.m. Looking out toward the backs of houses in Brookline, with Boston/Cambridge faint in the distance, melting into the sky. Tried to express this subtle shift in blue sky to blue land through the character and direction of my brushstrokes. Not sure if I was wholly successful in conveying that exact intention, but I do like the result.

So, I am very pleased with the painting, but not with this photograph of it. My digital camera kept trying to autocorrect the dark shadow I had painted in the foreground to something lighter. Stupid robots. Anyway, I had to manipulate the image after uploading it to my computer; it’s closer to the original now, but the rich depth of the right side of that park lawn was lost in translation. One day, if I get a better camera (or better camera skills!) I will retake this photo so you can see what makes me so proud of this painting in person.