Label Update

by okayart

I have been meaning to post, for quite some time, updates on two of my linocut designs and how they look as wine labels for Ox-Eye Vineyards, my parents’ vineyard and winery.


Ox-Eye Riesling Wine Label

As you can see from the date on this Riesling Reserve, when I say “quite some time” I mean it. The linocut on the left hand of this wrap-around label is of the Ox-Eye Tasting Room in Staunton, VA’s wharf district. The building used to be a weigh station (or scale house) for freight coming off the trains that still rumble by on the tracks just up the hill. Hence the branding here.


Ox-Eye Sparkling Wine Label

Here’s something more current–our first sparkling wine! You may recognize the ox-eye daisies from a recent post. The flowers are printed in a gold color that shines as you turn the bottle. I was able to try some of this while joining my parents on a mini-break in South Carolina and it was just as bright and bubbly as you’d expect.


I’d be remiss if I did not mention here that the cave-art style ox with a daisy in its mouth (seen here on a bumper sticker) is work by my sister Molly. She is a graphic designer and a sales rep with Seven Arrows Brewing Company, also in the Shenandoah Valley. Also, my Aunt Lori, another fantastic graphic designer in the Kiers family, pulls these labels all together with the right colors and fonts.

Alcohol runs in the family I guess.