New York Times

by okayart


Olivia J. Kiers. “New York Times.” 2017. Linocut, 4 x 6″.

Some of my warmest memories from growing up are of my father bringing a copy of the New York Times home from work for us. We would attempt the crossword after dinner. I would steal away with the Arts section and cut out images and articles that inspired me. Or, I’d page through the news and try to wrap my teenage brain around what was going on in the world.

No matter what your feelings are about the NY Times (and boy are there a lot of strong feelings about it these days!), you have to admit that it’s a visually interesting subject. They do a great job making that paper look beautiful.

I first tried it to play around with newspapers in the image below. There’s an article peeking from beneath of cup of coffee. Or maybe a tiny espresso–the cup, saucer, and napkin are just too small compared to the type. I had a little trouble planning this one.


Olivia J. Kiers. “New York Times and Coffee.” 2017. Linocut. 3 x 5″.

To the young me, coffee and a newspaper was just the epitome of adulthood. You had it ALL FIGURED OUT if you were reading the news on your lunch hour while sitting in a coffee shop. I still feel that way, because people who can afford to eat lunch out all the time and who can, in addition, afford to buy a physical paper every day have my respect. And envy.